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A quick squiggle from Nanoland. This has been the strangest Camp Nano in the last few years and bears an uncanny resemblance to the adventures of August 2012

The map was all rolled out and ready to go. The path should have been pretty easy. Usually Camp Nano is the perfect occasion to get in a bit of practice in writing and brainstorming by grabbing a pack of Devil’s playing cards as writing prompts then churning through them slowly and steadily in the hope of generating as many ideas and leads as possible for the big event in November.

But this time I decided to do things a bit differently. Instead of laying the foundations for a new project, would devote this time to adding more words to last November’s zero draft. All the serpent needed to do was to add a whole bunch of new scenes and try to steer the story into some relatively coherent shape.

The Art of the Steal was about a devil doing deals and offering numerous political fixes in exchange for souls to fill his bright shiny Celebrity trophy cabinet.

It should have been so easy since Dodgy Donald and his minions have exceeded even the worst of expectations.
Between Twitter snippets and even just following the daily news here, there is bucket loads of raw material so it should have been possible to almost go in zombie mode.

But the inner serpent is not playing nicely.

Of course there have been quite a few distractions in the last few months.

So I cannot quite decide if the old serpent brain cells have been nuked by too much toxic Agent Orange or if the dramas at the Dursleys are also too distracting.

After a whole week of following the rule of no filling up the Pensieve until the daily quota of nano story words have been reached and finding that even with using tarot cards, it’s like typing on a keyboard covered in treacle. The magic is just not there.

This very same thing happened in 2012 when so much stuff was going on in the mundane Muggle world but I was so adamant that it all had to wait until the made up story got its daily 20 minutes of attention. But the muses were missing in action and the whole writing process was a joyless misery.

But then I realised that what was going on in the Muggle world was the real story. That was when the words came so quickly that it was a struggle to keep up. The scheming and plotting of Dolores, her goblin minions, wars against the house elves and the rest of the work place drama got to a good 30,000 words and remains as evidence from those dark days with no interference from 20/20 hindsight.

Strange how the story of a boss with no conscience and no accountability, the step by step deliberate destruction of the old order and unleashing of a toxic culture resurrected itself from the personal to the very political this year. Both consciously and subconsciously this is one of the many reasons for the serpent obsession with Dodgy Donald in the first place.

But this time Agent Orange will have to take a back seat in the serpent’s story. Maybe there will be room for him again in July if he has managed not to blow us all up by then.

Now family will have to come first. Time to fill the Pensieve with stuff closer to the serpent’s heart and to get it all out of the green skull where it is likely do far more harm than good if left brewing and stewing in there. Squiggling is by far the safest way to deal with sad stuff.

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