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The Crim Reaper

On this darkest witchiest of days, such a pity Izzie could not find a pic of Don the Con wearing a Dementor's burqa with his axe or sickle in one hand and a giant bacon Whopper in the other

He has been disturbingly quiet over the last few days. Maybe it's the calm before the Tweet storm. Or maybe Steve Bannon has taken a midnight flight to Argentina and left him home alone

Did attempt to indulge in the usual sunset ritual but the critter had gone hiding behind some clouds and for the last few hours it's been raining cats and dogs. Just as well because it has been an incredibly dry and warm winter. If they got this weather in England it would be called a wonderful summer.

In spite of making a special visit to the garden centre for this witchiest of weeks, did not get around to planting the new peach tree or the Buddhas' hand citrus today as originally planned. Made do with a few mulberry twigs that had been sitting in a bowl of water.
Rescued them from Privet Drive more than a month ago and forgot all about them with all the distractions and dramas there lately.

Only yesterday noticed that buds had come up on all of them, the tiniest curl of a leaf or two and even some green feathery baby berries on one twig.

So did manage to plant something for the day. Most importantly, added the magic ingredient of several handfuls of kitty litter into the planting hole for the mulberry twigs

Now the shops have taken to stocking some dodgy brands such as Purina from the USA which are twice the price of the perfectly good local stuff. But the big prize goes to the muck from Middle Earth also known as New Zealand
It's not your average clumping clay but volcanic rock zeolite which happens to contain all sorts of interesting trace elements and of course holds lots of liquid which is precisely why it gets used for soaking up cat pee. It also happens to be a home brand which means it's less than 1/4 price of the competitors.

Izzie with her mad hat and bags and stuff looks like your average crazy cat lady, so when buying a bag of this stuff at the supermarket talk invariably turns to those elusive feline creatures. Folks are always surprised to find me buying the stuff when I haven't even got a cat. Visits from the neighbour's moggies don't quite count.

But any would be burglars who come lurking around the Lair on seeing the big orange bags of kitty litter and the angel's trumpet flowers near the gate along with an assortment of ghost chilies are hopefully sufficiently scared off. If they did get inside they would probably get attacked by the stacks of books and not a TV or half decent tech toy to be seen.

It is just such a pity that some of the more interesting plants find this bit of the world just a bit too warm for their tastes. But then there's always an assortment of pitcher plants or durian fruit to add to the Witch list of weeds.

Date: 2017-06-22 05:35 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] reg_flint
Interesting slicre of life.

Date: 2017-06-22 05:50 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] reg_flint
Also, brilliant bit of Trumpage. Covfefe you later, asswhipe (talking to The Donald)


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