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So today is the first day of Plastic Free July

One guaranteed way of having a plastic free day is to stay away from the shops. When it’s grey and miserable and raining cats and dogs all day then it is pretty easy to do
Bad bad Izzie stayed up late last night long after turning into a pumpkin while on the trail of other psycho crazy low IQ orange monsters. But most gossip was just teasers and tidbits although there were some juicy nuggets about Freaky Flynn
So with the rain and all, lurked in the serpent sack all morning listening to the rain and the radio and did not get up until after midday.
It was still raining but in between showers managed to plant the peach tree bought last week along with a few mulberry sticks

It was also the perfect excuse to catch up on Duolingo Español. Noticed a huge difference between the desk top and mobile versions. Constantly getting feedback to watch the accents when on the mobile because I simply just ignore them. Hell. I don’t even bother with upper case letters and most other punctuation. On the computer they give you a bunch of accented letters to pick and choose from all right next to the answer boxes. Also there are occasional pages of grammar snippets which are either non existent or hidden on the mobile version.
It is astonishing to see how much it is possible to inadvertently learn with just five to ten minutes a day and no effort other than the Duolingo lessons. A far cry from the ancient days when learning a foreign language was very expensive and difficult if you could not go live in the place or find yourself a local community speaking the language.
I was a cheapskate and managed to get the very expensive Linguaphone German course from the local library for free. It was pretty good but not worth the asking price but nowhere as good as anything I have seen on Duolingo which costs nothing at all but time.
Izzie is NOT one of those oldies who endlessly rants and raves about the Good Old Days.

But there’s other stuff to be done in the Lair other than lurking online. It was no longer possible to delay the inevitable of sewing a whole pile of stuff that had gotten put on the very long finger.
Mainly skirts with holes in them or torn along the seams.
It’s not so much the sewing itself since it is the perfect activity to go with listening to the radio. It is the dreaded thought of having to thread needles with these beady buggy bat’s eyes and no needle threading gadget on hand.
Even with a giant magnifying glass, it takes a good ten minutes each time and it is just so frustrating and exhausting.

But there is such a sense of achievement in ticking off something on the giant TO DO List


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