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You know things are sad when a serpent gets more satisfaction and fulfilment wiping windowsills and tabletops and mopping floors than pottering about and slinking in Cyberia
This has been the case for quite a while now but this week has gotten particularly crazy

Since last year now adopted a rather peculiar ritual to go along with the daily Scrooge routine
As well as writing down every single silver sickle spent during the day and on what and preferably in chronological order, I have also taken to using the appointment section of the old fashioned dead tree diary to list what I was doing at the assorted half hour intervals and adding a little grumpy or smily face to indicate how I felt at the time

It’s a handy thing to do when you have the sneaking suspicion of possessing manic depressive tendencies.
So there’s nothing like having a contemporaneous record to know what really does push one’s buttons and to see if there are any noticeable patterns
Sussed out a while ago that between 4pm and 6pm is the deadliest time of day when most likely to get jittery, irritable or panicky over silly trivia.
Been around long enough in the aged care business to know that this is classical Sundowners time but until I start forgetting where I put stuff all the time, leaving the gas on and getting lost on the buses, then I know it is not early signs of dementia but simple sensory overload

So sussed out pretty quickly that times spent sitting in parks or cafes are usually smily times and supermarkets or any crowded place with kids or any sort of noise is a veritable Dementor Zone. Draining and misery inducing
It should have been blindingly obvious that reading time is nearly always top of the happy list for any day.
So with a list of happy things and grumpy things, there is no excuse for being miserable any more than absolutely necessary
And this last week one thing has stood out like a giant sore thumb.
All the time attending to the assorted weekly rituals of house work such as dusting, mopping, cleaning and wiping table tops and even cleaning the loo and bathroom scored higher on the happiness scale than anything online. Of course this is helped by timing such activities to coincide with a whole bunch of interesting radio programs
But what was especially noticeable was just how many really good days there had been and then I would go online and within 5 minutes be reduced to a blubbering frustrated and murderous green monster. Oh well. Not quite Incredible Hulk transformation but not too far off it.
Even just going straight to Scrivener was a minefield with 20 spinning beachballs ready to explode at a moment’s notice.
It would take a good 10 minutes before it was even possible to get a single keystroke to appear on the screen and often I would have to shut and restart the thing 3 times before it would let me in
And as for Firefox. Just thinking about that sly sneaking beast was dreadful. After getting to a page, it would take ages for any links to show up with the mouse hovering over them and even then clicking on it would be met with just nothing at all.

An empty text box would appear such as the Camp Nano word count update box and it would take ages before it would allow any input of text and then the time between touching the keys and seeing the characters on the screen was getting longer and longer. Resorted to writing everything in Scrivener and just copying and pasting over. Even for tweets
Should have just gotten the hell out of there instead of digging an even bigger hole

BUT HIS EMAILS. The tastiest juiciest Trump gossip was going viral and there was this fear of missing out. Got wise in the end and just used the teeny weeny tweet stone instead.

Then last night when it took 30 minutes to post a TWEET. That was just the very last straw.
First had to get to the screen which took ages before it accepted text and then only one letter at a time. Had to keep deleting because it was so laggy
Clicked the photo insert button and then more of the same spin. Took ages for the pic to appear and then two of them turned up.
Deleted the spare and then the whole tweet just vanished.
So by the time I went through this ritual for the second time around a good 30 mins had elapsed between start and finish. Could not do that one on the tweet stone because images have to grabbed from storage and there’s no room on the phone for a collection of David Rowe cartoons

Did eventually have the inspiration of just getting the hell out of Firefox and shutting it down.
Kept well away from the restore button but did bookmark the tabs in case of needing them later. Just out of curiosity, went and counted them from the book marks folder and was shocked to discover that there were about 30 of them! Had been thinking there was about 10 tabs because that was what was visible on the screen.
So the whole time I had been blaming the useless old computer, maybe it was simple serpent stupidity that was the problem the whole time.

So far so good. The Big Mac is now playing nice. Let’s see how long it lasts. Was even able to go on a binge of video watching for the online course about Cyberwarfare

So did learn a few interesting things. There’s nothing like a bunch of rituals for keeping things running smoothly. Done right even boring stuff like sewing and housework can be a source of satisfaction
There can never be too much time spent reading proper books. Much better for the eyes than teeny screens or spinning beachballs

Too much time slinking in Cyberia just sizzles the serpent circuits.

And most importantly of all - the best way out of a hole is to stop digging

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