Jan. 4th, 2017

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Dursleyville is in the middle of 3 sizzling stinking days where the temperature reached 39 - 40 celsius for every one of them. Relief is in sight with a mere 27 forecast for tomorrow. Here's hoping they got that one right because the water tank is bone dry and I hate using precious drinking water on the weeds.

So it's a real struggle to keep all the pretty weeds and trees alive. There are 8 baby mangoes on one tree which is the most I have ever had and it would be awful to think they will turn into mango chutney if we get any more days like this.

It's strange being in such a state of limbo where all the grand plans for the garden have to be put on hold. Only consolation is that while it has been hot, at least it's not muggy. That is the worst thing of all. Everyone goes troppo especially Izzie.

But at least there is Cyberia and the wacky big bad world to keep a serpent amused when it is too hot to be able to do stuff outside.

Had no idea what an insidious evil influence Twitter could be and have vowed that today for once it is time to slink off to the serpent sack on the stroke of midnight rather than lurking for a fix of the latest words of wisdom from Agent Orange.
Just over two weeks now and shit will get seriously real. I will definitely be staying up after midnight to watch the whole bread and circuses pomp and ceremony live. I suspect it will be all circus and no bread. The crowds will just have to eat yellowcake.

The Russian drama has raised its ugly heat at Livejournal once again. Maybe it's the last straw for most folks. Still cannot believe that such an ancient site is not dead yet gone the way of internet dinosaurs such as geocities and countless text based forums.

Looks like Putin will be getting his puss on the front cover of Time magazine this year.


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