Feb. 2nd, 2017

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The whole point of starting a Twitter account to stalk Agent Orange was to keep a big fat wall around it. Like a cross between quarantine and border protection.
So I was glued to the inauguration at 1 in the morning local time and watched with fascinated horror over that weekend as Sean Spicer and creepy Kelly Anne ranted and raved about the evil Lugenpresse and alternative facts.
Even the sad and disgraceful drama at the CIA Wall was not sufficient to provoke the serpent here although of course it was a free for all over in Twitterland.

I had figured that it would take a couple of months before the shit started to hit the fan. In spite of following the Trump twitter tirades and tantrums, the rallies and debates (which were the total clincher) and having read half of “The Art of the Deal” and all of the abominably awful manifesto “Crippled America - Making America Great Again” was still shocked and surprised to find the malicious incompetence surfacing so soon and so dangerously.
Well one thing is certain about Friday’s disgusting dramas, it certainly got the size of the inauguration crowds off the front pages.

The Devil in the detail )


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