Feb. 28th, 2017

Crazy Days

Feb. 28th, 2017 11:40 pm
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It’s been the strangest of times in the Serpent’s Lair. This has been the mildest of summers according to the usual Oz standards. Of course there has been the obligatory string of 40 Celsius days but this time in dribs and drabs rather than several soul sapping strings of the things several days in a row.
We have had the second highest rainfall on record (i.e. In the last 150 something years. 40,000 years of unwritten weather records do not count here) this month where the usually driest of rivers overflowed their banks.
The ginger, turmeric and general assortment of weeds in the serpent’s garden were very happy with this unexpected downpour and it saved a week of watering by hand.
What’s really crazy was slinking out in the garden at night over the last week wondering what on earth the most magnificent of floral fragrances could be. It smells suspiciously like orange blossom but that cannot be remotely possible because those are in October (and July for the last few years) and anyway there were no pretty little white flowers to be seen on the tree. That was until today when I noticed that there are indeed lots of them but all on the west facing wall which cannot be seen from within. Now that is seriously freaky.

It’s been a culture vulture feast on steroids. The giant Fringe Binge ended last weekend but then this week there was the annual writer’s festival which was another occasion for sensory overload.
A nasty 40 degree day got tossed in the mix on Saturday but it is surprising how even on such a sizzling stinker of a day, it is still comfortably cool in the shade of a magnificent Moreton Bay fig tree.

In spite of all the wonderful events going on, this serpent spent far too much of the month in a state of crazy flaky absentmindedness. Less forgetfulness and more a lack of ability to be in the present moment. Which sucks when there were so many magic moments.
A lot of it could be attributed to simple sensory overload. Between real life stuff and ridiculous piles of fascinating Goblin Porn on Twitter, it was a severe case of information overload.
Came across an updated version of Dave Allen’s “Getting Things Done”. This one is called “Making it all work” found in the usual source of tasty morsels at the charity shop where I work as a volunteer on Mondays. Will definitely need to adopt some ideas from this book in order to sort out the scrambled eggs in the serpent skull.
So so many books and so little time. “Look who’s back” and “Inside Putin’s Russia” are also clambering for attention.
March is going to be the month to introduce a new habit that never quite worked when trying it in January. Decided that 400 words every day might be more achievable than 400 every morning.

By the time Camp Nanowrimo rolls around in April, this new habit should be on autopilot and 600 words per day should not be too much of an extra effort. But about what? That is the question.


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