Mar. 9th, 2017

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It’s been a strange and crazy month. After the mildest and wettest of summers in decades, the sizzle returned with a vengeance on the last weekend of February with a hot and horrid 40 celsius and there’s been no let up since. Not as hot but still icky sticky and muggy. Totally soul sapping and brain draining

Then there’s been an assortment of dramas over at the Dursleys which will have to wait for another day. They will prove to be increasingly significant over the next few months and have rather overshadowed the good news of a recently announced visit from Daisy Dursley in August this year.
There is also the minor matter of the Big Mac. That’s the 2009 edition desk top in the Lair which has become exceedingly flaky and unpredictable of late. When it often takes as long as 20 minutes just to get to a website - especially on Firefox and then another 10 to even attempt to do anything there, then often the easiest option is simply not to bother and to just to try keep up with stuff on the teeny phone screen.
So the long periods of recent serpent silence in Cyberia isn’t due to sulking or wilfully ignoring or neglecting folks but rather more mundane and trivial causes.

Of course the big local news at the moment is the State Election on Saturday. Things are seriously sad when a serpent has posted so little about Oz politics. There are fatter, bigger and uglier fish to fry in the very big pond across the oceans.

One thing we have all learned in the last few years is that the only poll that matters is the one on Election Day.
But when a party has been in for 2 terms with the same leader then the odds are simply not in their favour to carry away the prize for the third time. Even if a government is reasonably good, people tend to get tired of them and want to try something new but when they become appallingly awful, arrogant and out of touch and endlessly eyeing up the family silver ware and crown jewels with plans for a visit to the local pawn brokers, then it’s definitely time to take out the garbage.

Our own little emperor in the wild west of Oz has still sufficient decency not to resort to declaring martial law or scheming up Reichstag fires so the odds are likely that on Sunday evening he will wake up to those infamous words

A few years ago he peeved a lot of liberals by forcing a whole bunch of local councils to amalgamate without providing additional funding to the councils for the costs. The courts got involved and he got told to take up his ball and bat and go home.
Then he annoyed the hell out of hippies and greenies by commencing construction on a road to nowhere. Not at the beginning or the end but right in the middle where there are wetlands and habitat for all sorts of endangered creatures.
The icing on the cake and the likely death wish was the recent announcement of preference swaps with One Nation - a party led by the Ginger Nut Pauline Hanson who is a Putin/Trump fan girl and promoter of Alternative Facts and an assortment of conspiracy theories.
Which reminds me that an Amazon Owl arrived this week. It was a serpent Christmas present
The Hexen Tarot which is one giant collection of conspiracy theories in a box. Spooks from Cyberia meet medieval occult and alchemical art. It could be just the thing to use for the next Camp Nanowrimo.


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