Jun. 6th, 2017

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When you live in a graveyard, you cannot weep for everyone

It sure feels like that lately. There seems to be far more than the usual occurrences of doom and gloom these days.
There was the Manchester Massacre just over 2 weeks ago followed by the attacks on buses carrying Coptic Christians which barely made the news for a day here.
There was the attack near the embassies in Kabul followed by yet another attack in the United Kingdom, a mass shooting in Orlando Florida now followed by a murder in Melbourne where some narcissistic nut job looking for his 15 minutes of fame claims allegiance to both ISIS and Al Qaeda. A bit like proclaiming to be be a supporter of Manchester United and Liverpool at the same time.
Another sad event that slipped under the radar was the murder of two men in Portland who came to the aid of some Muslim girls who were being harassed by some guttersnipe who then turned his attention to them. It is sickening that they had to pay for basic human decency with their lives. Others may think twice now before daring to do the right thing.

There's no point in even getting started with the anniversaries. Hard to believe that it is nearly a year since the murder of nearly 50 people in a night club in Orlando.

The recent drama in Melbourne is also scarily reminiscent of the sad story of the Lindt Cafe loser. I refuses to name the perpetrators. No need to give them the infamy they so desperately desire. While 20/20 hindsight is a wonderful thing, it is simply not possible for the police and spooks to keep eyes on the enormous numbers of 'persons of interest'. For every one that extra attention is paid to, another can slip through the net, but it defies belief that those found guilty of numerous violent crimes somehow manage to get out on bail.

But then lurking in the background feasting on all of this misery is the Shakespearean Villain Iago who hisses hatred and snarls and sneers at those who are trying to light candles in the darkness. He never gets his own tiny hands dirty as he tweets away incessantly egging on his minions to do the work of the devil for him.

While the decent people of the world are trying to fix up the mess, he sneers at their efforts and fans the flames of fear and hatred just for the pleasure of watching the world burn.
Desperate times call for desperate measures and by the time James Comey swears to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth a few days from now, God knows what demonic distractions he will unleash between now and then. He could have got a whole week or more out of the two fingers up to the Paris Accord if ISIS had not wiped that story well and truly off the front page with yet another appalling attempt to associate bridges with death and destruction rather than unity and cooperation.

I would not put it past the Saudis to stir up the latest Qatar drama as a return favour for their friend and benefactor and Dark Lord of the Orb of Doom. A bit of projection and deflection may work wonders for them as it seems to do for him.

But with a bit of luck, he will be forced to drink from his own poisoned chalice. All those folks he trashed and destroyed on his way up will be ever so happy to return the favour on the way down.

Yes fame and fortune truly is a fickle friend.


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