Jul. 7th, 2017

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Been a strange week in Dursleyville. Lurked around the lair on my days off because it was too grey and rainy to do much else. Then there is a bit of decluttering and sorting to do to make the place look reasonably respectable for when the Izzie sister visits in a couple of weeks from now.
Thinking of her, could not help but be reminded of July 2014 when she came to visit. They had a choice of coming over here together or taking separate flights one week apart so that her husband wouldn’t use up so much of his annual leave. In the end, they chose to take the first flight and all come together which was just as well because the one they did not take never did make it to Kuala Lumpur and ended up in pieces somewhere in the Ukraine.

Of course for many people who took the flight on 17th July, there were also some who had been toying with a different date. The saddest case was the family where the parents stayed in Amsterdam for an extra week and the three children and their grandfather came back early so that they would be back for the new school term. They never did make it.

I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like for their surviving relatives to be watching the drama going on in Hamburg at the moment so close to the anniversary.
For me it is a giant stage where the players strut and do their stuff all in the pursuit of power, but for the Maslin family like the other 250 or so people on that flight, it is personal

Then there are other reasons for being curious about this particular G20 summit. Many years ago I was living on the outskirts of Hamburg as a sad house elf enslaved to a vile creature who I called Heil Hilde. A blond blue eyed Aryan bitch of bitches with an uncanny resemblance to one KerryAnne Conway and with an equally loose relationship with reality

But any grand plans of being glued to the screen to try figure out where the conferences are being held or to recognize landmarks or watch the hordes of zombies was quickly dashed by a very cranky, slow and sluggish Big Mac
This computer would now be regarded by the puffed up little popinjays in the Apple Store as ‘vintage’ as I got it in late 2009. Positively ancient.
It is very erratic and unpredictable. Some days things go smoothly and other times there are just endless spinning beachballs and it is a struggle to do anything. Typing feels like the keyboard is dripping in treacle as the time between hitting the letters and seeing them appear on the screen gets longer and longer until there is simply no point.
Tonight was one such night.

So I just had to go without. Because if Izzie wants pictures, it’s a poky little tweet stone phone, the Big Mac or nothing. Unlike most folks, there is no television in the house so all news and gossip has to be gotten online or from the radio
Did catch that the slimy Saudi Arabians trumped the Donald by snaffling the hotel room he wanted. That’s Schadenfreude on steroids. At least Merkel will not let him build one of his infernal towers in any German city. Some people at least still have standards

Dodgy Dinner guests at G20

Found the motherlode of crazy creepy political cartoons and it has been so annoying trying to share them on Twitter. Maybe just as well. Because if Don the Con could see all the vile ‘picture in the attic’ portraits that David Rowe does of him, he would not hesitate to nuke Australia back to the stone age
Especially since we have also been taking the piss with the Confessions of a CNN reporter

So much sleaze and such a struggle to share it

Must be off now. Got to get the latest gossip on Donald Trump’s performance appraisal
Let’s hope there are TAPES


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