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Apr. 24th, 2019 04:08 pm
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Stolen from [personal profile] reg_flint

1. Which book(s) are you currently reading?

Nothing that would count as reading... just peeking at them and postponing them for later. So sad... :( The latest is Challenges for Game Designers by Ian Schreiber, started for the purpose of (maybe) participating in a challenge, but seeing that his book is focused on board/pen&paper games, not computer games, it's not all that exciting.

2. Do you listen to audiobooks and/or podcasts? Why/why not?

No, because I find it very hard to process information from audio only, especially listening in the background while doing something else (which is the whole point of audiobooks and podcasts, right?) And if I have free time to sit with a book without doing anything else at the same time, why not use it for actual reading instead? it's also much faster.

3. What book adapted to film is the greatest and which adaptation is the worst?

The greatest: Lord of the Rings / Hobbit, Jesus Christ Superstar, Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton. The LOTR films cut all the tedious bits from the long and boring books, compressed the story so only the substance remained, and added some epic visuals. JC musical also got rid of the boring parts and repetitions, added wonderful music, and modernized the outdated content. Tim Burton's film completely re-invented the original story, making it more mature, darker and morbid, and therefore, more appealing.

Not sure about the worst. I remember being rather disappointed by the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but Douglas Adams' books are so good, it's hard to do them justice by messing with them in any way. (But then, Dirk Gently TV series were excellent...)

4. What is the last thing you learned about through reading on Google?

How to use the MaterialCalendarView widget on Android and to change the background colors of different dates. (Still in the process.)

5. Are you writing/would you write a book? If so, which genre?

Oh, I wish. If I could manage a book, it would be either sci-fi/fantasy or horror/mystery; of course it's possible to combine both genres - sci-fi works wonderfully with horror, and mysteries are the driving force of almost every story. Preferably with black humor and disturbing content.

Snooker note

Apr. 23rd, 2019 06:30 pm
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Ronnie knocked out in the first round, after losing 8-10 to Cahill?

…and what I had hoped would be a magical tournament is sort of over in one way already.

That said, I have to admit that Cahill deserved the win, and that he seemed a likable enough guy in his interview afterwards. Also, can I just point out that the media are making too much of a point of the "first amateur to qualify for the Crucible" thing? Because, hey, we ARE talking about a player who has been a pro before, and who will be back as a pro again from next season.

I know the result today was a shock, and I'm sad about it because... well, because we all know Ronnie is my main favourite player in this sport. But still, I think it's unfair to everyone to pretend that Cahill came out of nowhere JUST for this match, because he clearly didn't. A few years ago, back when I used to watch practically every tournament, he used to get mentioned often as one of the most exciting new guys, he was being touted as one of the biggest talents of the sport etc. Yes, the match today is clearly the biggest win of his career so far, and I won't deny that I had expected Ronnie to progress fairly easily from this match... but as that did not happen, let's not pretend that Cahill is some nobody that nobody had heard of until today, because that's not how things are.

So... who do I want to be world champion now? I don't even now... Trump or Higgins, probably - not that Trump has started that well, either. And I probably won't be too sad for him either way. I like watching him play when he's playing well and doing sometimes crazy things (for me he has something in common with Ronnie here), but I don't have many and big feelings about him if he does end up losing in the first round, too.

Okay, let's see how things go. But I am sad about losing my biggest favourite already now.

PS: Yes, I know the Ronnie icon is old. I also know that he showed up with a spectacularly bad (way too short) haircut today, so he looks nothing like this pic right now... but it's what I have, so...

Birthday + other stuff

Apr. 20th, 2019 02:02 pm
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So, I'm officially 41 years old now. Well, I have been for four days. This year, I didn't have any very specific plans for my birthday, because I had already agreed with mom that the trip to Poland back in March would count as the main gift and celebration. I still got nice things on the day or around it, though - we had nice food (and cake) on the day, and I also got a new external hard drive (for backups) as a gift. Another gift arrived a couple of days early, from the amazing [personal profile] catness! She sent me a notebook with a snakeskin-like pattern on the cover, a football bookmark, and a beautiful birthday card with text in three languages. Such a cool gift! THANK YOU!!!

Other than that, I also talked to the best friend for a couple of hours in the evening. We are kind of planning a trip to Germany in the summer. The idea is to take the ferry from Oslo to Kiel, then go by train from Kiel to Munich, and then stay a few days there before going back along the same route, or possibly with a different train that goes via Hamburg. For now there's nothing definite about this, but the idea is there, and it would be such a cool thing to do - especially because this type of trip would be something new to me (I've never really traveled long distances by train abroad). Also, the best friend is kind of interested in Munich at the moment (because of the band Münchener Freiheit), so it would be fun to go there with him and see his excitement at being there. I might not have the same interest in just that city, but traveling and seeing new places would be lovely anyway.

What else? Yes, I'm still dreaming of being at The Gathering instead of at home during Easter. This is a huge computer party, and it has been hosted at the same place - the Viking Ship arena in Hamar, Norway - every Easter for more than 20 years. I've never been there, but it looks amazing, and every Easter I feel the same fascination for the event. I keep wanting to go "next year", but I don't know if it would be physically possible for me to be there, deal with the noise level and the unpractical sleeping conditions, and feel safe and comfortable with 5000+ other people around me... whenever I start to truly think of these things, I end up discarding the idea of going there, but the dream still remains. Maybe if I had some real life friend to go with, so that I'd have at least one or a couple of people I trust around me? Except, I don't know anyone who would be interested in going with me to such a thing.

Okay, lonely geeky thoughts aside, I'm actually in quite a good mood nowadays. Travelling happened, not too long ago, and might happen again in the summer. Eurovision is coming up soon - with Hungary as my favourite entry so far, but I haven't heard every song yet. And also, we sold or otherwise got rid of a bunch of stuff from the attic. There's still a lot left, but just seeing that this project is moving along is making me hopeful... and sometimes frustrated if things are happening too slowly or in a too annoying way, but today my mood is definitely on the positive side about this.

Let's see how it goes.

Oh, and finally - I'm on a 15 day Duolingo streak with Czech at the moment! So, I'm at least doing SOMETHING, now. I also started Russian on there, but for now I'm only a few lessons in, and I'm not sure how much I've "learned" yet. I'm also not sure I believe in Duolingo as a good way to learn, because I prefer reading and making notes over "clicking tasks" like the ones on there, but as I keep pushing "proper" studying aside and then complain that I'm not really doing any studying, I feel like Duolingo might be a step in the right direction.

the friday five: music

Apr. 12th, 2019 01:24 pm
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1. What are the five oldest songs on your iPod, computer, or phone (whatever device you store your music on)?

Choose any 5 from the Gabriel Knight Mysteries Collection soundtrack - Oct 2011, but it was copied from the previous computer, so it's even older. (It's still one of my favourite "productivity" albums, to listen to while working...)

2. And the five newest songs?

Two newest are Jesus Christ Superstar Swedish Arena Tour - ripped from YouTube, so the whole musical is just 2 files (every file is about 45 min long) - Dec 2018; and the rest are songs from the Death Note musical, the English version - Jan 2018. The dates are rather sad. But I'm mostly listening to Spotify and YouTube lately.

[Edit] Apparently it's possible to interpret these 2 questions in terms of the song release date. But this would require way more research than I'm ready to do for a meme :)

3. What’s your favorite song to sing along to?

I usually don't, it's too embarrassing ;) One that comes to mind is Recuerdos by Estirpe Imperial.

4. What’s the first song you ever memorized?

I forgot O.O

5. What song is your current earworm?

La reina del saba by Alberto Gambino, from the Spotify playlist Rap en español (you have been warned ;)


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