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izmeina: (bigsmilie)

izmeina's Journal

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Created on 2009-05-20 12:04:28 (#370016), last updated 2019-04-22 (3 days ago)

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Sneaky Green Tree Snake

(Zmeya izmenii)
This secretive, nocturnal and insidious serpent uses the pale tip of its tail to attract lurkers. It then strikes quickly with powerful venom
evil scary green monster

"“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller

"Insanity is a minority of one"

Interests (145):

adbusters, alan turing, alchemy, aleister crowley, animism, annie lennox, anthony de mello, artificial intelligence, azkaban, boa constrictors, bob dylan, buckminster fuller, buddhism, cartoons, cashflow 101, chaos, chocoholics, comparative mythology, corporate welfare, cryptography, cryptology, cyberia, dark chocolate, dead can dance, dementors, department of mysteries, disinformation, dolores umbridge, douglas hofstadter, dursleys, e, echelon, elizabeth fraser, enneagram, enron, escher, feynman, folk music, folklore, fractals, frogs, gaudi, george orwell, george soros, gollum, good and evil, gregorian chants, gödel, heretics anonymous, hildegard von bingen, hundertwasser, infinity, information warfare, irshad manji, j.s. bach, jeff buckley, jim wallis, johann galtung, joseph campbell, jungian psychology, koans, koru, landover baptist church, led zeppelin, legends, linguistics, lisa gerrard, lloyd cole, loreena mckennitt, magic, mandelbrot set, mathemagics, mathematics, medicinal plants, michael leunig, michael moore, monopoly, monsters, monsters inc, morsmordre, mu, mysticism, mythology, nagini, natural capitalism, nazgul, nietzsche, noam chomsky, oscar wilde, patti smith, paul celan, permaculture, peter gabriel, peter singer, phillip adams, philosophy, portishead, potions, pythons, rainbow serpents, ralph nader, ratzinger, religion, robert fisk, rupert sheldrake, scared weird little guys, science fiction, serpents, severus snape, shamanism, sherlock holmes, skepticism, slytherin, stephen king, taoism, teddy bears, the corporation, the dead zone, the hunger games, the lizard king, the matrix, the moon, the one ring, the onion, the precioussss, the simpsons, this mortal coil, time travel, tom lehrer, tori amos, truffles, u2, urban legends, vampires, veves, viktor frankl, vodoun, voldemort, warren buffet, wicca, wormtail, wormwood, zombies, русский язык,
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