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Of all the crazy things to happen in the world, this is one that I never would have imagined. The Notre Dame cathedral could survive the revolution, Napoleon and the nazis but not a roof renovation. Strange days indeed.

I did get to visit the cathedral many moons ago and got to go up one of the towers. While everyone was impressed by the rose windows and the magnificence of the architecture, this serpent's obsession was the gorgeous gargoyles. I took loads of photos of them but in those ancient days you had to go to a store to get them developed and printed. And now I realize that I have no idea where those pictures have gotten to.

But creepier than the gargoyles are the Just World conspiracy theorists who can be found in the strangest of places

If we are to believe this rabid rabbi's rants then the God he worships is not a vengeful male but a seriously sluggish SNAIL

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I barely lurk in Cyberia at all these days. Not even on Twitter. Even then it is usually to catch up on and of course snaffle the latest David Rowe masterpiece.

Monsters and weeds )
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The Show must go on

David Rowe excels himself again with this feast of details in the drawing room

The Devil is in the detail )
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On Friday I went on a grand adventure to the outer suburbs in search of a community nursery because this is the time of year for planting.
Recently they held a workshop on how to attract wildlife to you your garden and to basically turn your little patch into a paradise for critters. So Izzie was of course all ears especially as the event was free.

Of course there is no such thing as a free lunch. Some one always has to pay the piper but I like an organisation that thinks this is the sort of thing to sponsor.

I loved their place and their devotion to all things green and gorgeous but had one giant problem. There is no way that I would ever sign up for membership of a mob that calls itself “Men of the Trees” because the name itself declares that I am simply not welcome.
Then there is the not so minor matter that most of the men I know cannot even think of a tree without reaching for a chainsaw.

Secret Tree Business )
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It was just over 4 weeks ago when I attended an antiques auction on a mission to rescue some of Petunia’s precious possessions which miserable grinch Vernon Dursley was too mean to even offer to any of his offspring.

Serpent stuff )
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Too brain dead for proper posts but there is always David Rowe to scare away the last day of the month.

It has taken a while for me to notice his fondness for plagiarizing famous works of art, advertisements or even historical cartoons. No wonder he is able to come up with such amazing cartoons so quickly. By the time this serpent gets around to posting anything these days, they are already fish and chips wrappers.

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Mar. 23rd, 2019 11:05 am
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I'm not been my usual devilish serpent self. Just simply marking a significant milestone. For the first time I have got as far as a 666 day streak on Duolingo which in normal Muggle numbers is the equivalent of 1 year and 10 months in a row. Slow and steady

It is just such a pity that a site so devoted to gamification decided to remove the greatest motivation to continue daily practice. The rules used to be or maybe they still are for some of the customers that a 10 day streak earns you 1 lingot, 20 gets you 2, 100 gets you 10 lingots etc etc
Obviously by the time you are in the 500 zone the cash register goes ka-ching with a big fat 50 something coins every ten days just for showing up.
But they stopped doing that way back when I had clocked up 400 days straight.

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Every year this serpent greedily awaits the annual celebration of freakishness that is the Fringe Festival. Every year is an opportunity to raid the war chest and see an assortment of strange and crazy shows. This year was no different with the exception that the indulgence reached excessive levels even by my own decadent standards

The usual quota for the last 8 years or so has been 20 shows per year give or take 1 or 2
This year for the first time ever I passed the 30 mark. But due to all sorts of chaos and craziness, I never did manage to post about a single one of them.
So what better excuse is there than the usual congruence of days and dates in February and March to indulge in a little trip down memory lane. Next year will be one of those pesky leap years but this one was not so this is the perfect occasion to remember Saturday 9th February.

Stars and bars )
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Today was a seriously busy day. After 2 days of lurking and slinking at Borgin and Burkes eying up the territory and the Enemy, today was the big day.

I had been drawing up the battle plans because auctions are infamous pits of quicksand for those who do not have their reason and wits about them.

The Serpent's Strategy )
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David Rowe's dirty little diet secret
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Just a quick squiggle amidst the chaos
So much drama but the old grey cells are so frazzled and sizzled that even a visit to see the sunset at the beach along with a sneak preview at this year's Sculptures by the Sea proved insuffucient to scare off the dreaded Dursleyish Dementors

There is no reason to believe that next month will be much better. For the Ides of March are particularly tricky and toxic of late

A blitz of planting trees and seeds is the best chance of banishing that pack of bastards
But first we need to wait for the rains and the 30 something celsius days to end

Let's hope that there's finally time and energy to catch up on the crazy quantity of serpent gossip

Did not even manage to watch the Cohen inquisition live. Only the odd Twitter morsel and the FAILING Amazon Post keeps me in the loop lately

And then there's Georgie Boy. Also known as Cardinal Sin

I mighr manage to add a wicked David Rowe cartoon or two when back at the Big Mac
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The Freaky Fringe is over and dearest Dudley Dursley has flown back home leaving me with the Lair all to myself again. So so glad not to have such sneering judgemental creatures lurking around anymore.

So slowly catching up on the little black Goblin books and did a quick kitchen blitz this evening. Was surprised to see just how much I could get done in about 20 minutes now that I have returned to the regular rituals of doing housework while listening to assorted programs on Radio National

This February like last is quickly becoming a giant blur. Due to so many distractions, been neglecting the all important rituals of filing up the Pensieve with memories to be sorted at a later date. The little green note books do not quite count since it is so difficult to search them at a later date. Memories stored in there rapidly degenerate into indecipherable scrawls.

Ever in search of distractions, I got a black book of Edgar Allen Poe stories from the city library. It's homework for a decadent second adventure in the old Girls school next Wednesday.
Loved the first trip there so much that I am going back for second helpings and hopefully there will be no distractions this time from a proper review of assorted gory details in this very spooky haunted location.

Of course I could simply download a selection of stories from the Gutenburg site which I did but for some reason I find ebooks just so much more distracting and harder to concentrate when reading unlike the old fashioned paper incarnations.

Today was also the annual ritual of the visit to the Writer's Festival. It used to run for 3 days but due to budget cuts is now down to 2 and due to other commitments I made it to only one of the days. Main attraction was to see the guest speaker Eddie Wu who is most famous as a maths teacher and looks barely older than 18. Apparently he is old enough to have 3 children of his own so I guess he must be really 28 or so.

It was strange how long forgotten chunks of last February just came back again today by being in the same place. The stand out guests of last year's festival was a Saudi woman Manal Al Sharif campaigning for the right for women to drive in her home country and Charles Massey the farmer who had written a book "The Call of the Reed Warbler" about how old farming practices have trashed the land and how listening to the land and the local Aboriginal people may offer a more productive and holistic form of farm and land management.
It's taken the settlers 230 years and some horrendous incidents of dead fish to realise that they really have stuffed up and to admit that they don't have all the answers after all.

The other distraction is Duolingo. I have been corrupted by the Cat and got tempted to game the system after recently updating but only the bare minimum necessary.

I am now just 4 lessons away from an all green Russian tree with no short cuts at all (I saved all those for the purple patches en Español). Mind you the segments on politics were suspiciously like a Russian election where nearly half the ballots were already prefilled.

Next goal is to go from all green to all red.
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So the party is over. No more Fringe bingeing for the rest of the year.
It's time to look back at the good, the bad and the ugly

It's been the best ever from the point of logistics and transport. If the bus station were any closer, the performers would be singing and dancing on the bus seats

Pity that the same cannot be said for the serpent state of mind. So many days tainted by the black shadow of the Grinch

Went to see lots of Drag Divas, cabaret, circus and burlesque and the odd comedy show
But this time was a first to tick off an item from my bucket list
For a long tine I have wanted to go to a real live Hypnotist show and this was the year I finally made it
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David Rowe drawing Dodgy Don on the run
Too much toxic turtle soup I guess
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A quick update from the front lines of Dursleyville

I have been kept so busy with Dursleyish dramas that there's no time left for posting snippets of all the juicy gossip and fabulous Fringe shows

I hope it won't be too long before I can report on the latest twists in this sad tale. That's assuming of course that I haven't died laughing before then

What a way to go
So much better than crying or screaming
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Today was the big New Year party organized by the Chung Wa association even though it was actually Tuesday when the tiny sliver of a crescent moon made its first appearance

Peppa the pig made countless appearances on many of the little red and gold envelopes sold at the stalls. I asked on stall hall holder what the Chinese people have against green since they use green for the shares that are tanking on the stock exchange and even wanted to have traffic lights with green for stop and red for go. I guess the tourism bureau knocked that one on the head. She told me that green is not an unlucky colour except when worn as a HAT. Sorry. she said and smiled. I says that I should go and get 4444 embroidered on my gorgeous green silk hat and that will scare most of the Chinese people away. Or maybe just 444 as in only two thirds evil

So belated Chinese New Year's greetings to everyone who loves any opportunity to party

David Rowe has been more dedicated to the cause than most folks and has produced an infinite variety of porcine creatures for our amusement

Pork Chopped )
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Not miserable grumpy Grinchmas but the Fringe Festival where inner freaks get unleashed and the inner muse does not go out on family friendly creative dates but puts on the red lights and high heels and gets well and truly LAID.

Friday was one such night. Having decided to take no chances on getting cheap tickets for Steampunk Cabaret that night, I had already paid full price to get one for Saturday leaving the evening completely free for other cheap freaky adventures

Boys and other Toys )

Goblin Porn

Feb. 2nd, 2019 11:07 pm
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In Banklandia, it's always the Year of the Pig and they always get the pearls

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Izzie barely slinks in Cyberia lately. It's now half way through the fabulous Fringe festival and still not posted about 1 of the 10 shows I have seen so far.SAD

Then there's the distraction of dramas at the Dursleys. They are worthy of a show in their own right
But any minute now Bang Bang a Quentin Tarantino tribute cabaret is due to start
Already 40 minutes late
Maybe tomorrow I finally catch up on posting serpent gossip
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David Rowe dishes up some delicious and very early Easter eggs for the big day

David Rowe draws a big Aussie barbecue with many special guests

The fish looks especially delicious


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