Mar. 25th, 2017

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Izzie has been a bit of a strange serpent of late. There’s serious drama over at the Dursleys. By next Friday all will be revealed. Until then there is nothing to do but keep the forked tongue crossed.
Combined with some recent posts from Catness and crazy troppo weather, it’s sort of triggered a serpent mid life crisis.
Last year had a lucky escape with a dodgy witchy wart gone feral. It got nuked in the nick of time but in the light of recent events, I cannot help but think that if I had lived in the USA a simple 1 hour nose job would have cost an arm and a leg.

But the autumn equinox brings relief from the sizzling summer and the promise of all sorts of green and growing things.

The whole business of goals and the search for some worthwhile purpose on this earth got the serpent to thinking that all the happiest times had one thing in common without exception - some project to be working on - be it tiny like a simple zentangle, a bit more ambitious like an 8 week online course with homework assignments and deadlines or some crazy hairy scary audacious goal like paying off a $25,000 mortgage in 250 days (it actually took 200 but was overshadowed by the evil scheming of DodgyDonald clone Dolores)

So it might be an idea to dust off and rejuvenate those long dormant spark plugs with some new grand project.
There’s been plenty of those that end up getting written down over and over again in the little green 5 year plan notebook. But it’s time to tweak those rituals a bit
Like Nanowrimo - what is needed is a real rather than an arbitrary deadline.

Grand Plans )

The Sneaky Tricksy way of getting stuff done.
Next best thing to having a private army of Zombie minions


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